Lilly pilly elite

Some years ago lilly pillies, also known as Australian cherries, because of the reddish pink or purple fruit they produce, were popular as quick growing, evergreen trees. But they can grow up to 30 metres high, which is not always appropriate for an average backyard. So look out for some fabulous new dwarf varieties on the market, which can be pruned as a hedge.

The new varieties of lilly pilly come in a range of sizes, from 50 centimetres up to 3 metres, so it's possible to choose a variety that's right for you. Lilly pillies are really tough. They are quite drought tolerant in the ground, and grow in either full sun or semi shade. But in a pot keep them looking lush by watering regularly.

A couple of pests and disease affect lilly pillies. The first, and probably the most obvious, is psyllids or pimple gall. This causes deformed new growth and little lumps to form in the leaves.

The second problem is scale and this can be cleaned up with white oil. But generally if you keep your plants strong, healthy and well fed, they are less likely to be affected by these problems.

Syzygium Australe Elite

Watch out for a variety called 'Bush Christmas' with its red, new growth. It's a Syzygium and it will get 2 to 3 metres high if you let it.

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But in contrast, Syzygium 'Tiny Trev' only reaches about 75 centimetres high in five years. Acmena 'Allyn Magic' has beautiful coppery new growth, and, like other Acmenasis not troubled by pimple gall. Lilly pillies produce small white flowers in summer and autumn, which smell delicious. The newer varieties don't flower and fruit as often, if at all, but their versatility and hardiness makes them great for any garden.

Fri pm, Rpt Sun pm. Share Facebook Twitter Mail. SERIES 16 Episode 39 Some years ago lilly pillies, also known as Australian cherries, because of the reddish pink or purple fruit they produce, were popular as quick growing, evergreen trees.

Broadcast: Sat 5 Novam. Published: Sat 5 Novam. Credits plus minus. Presenter Sophie Thomson.A medium height, fast growing dense shrub with mid-sized glossy golden leaves, compactly arrayed. It flushes several times a year with fresh new growth.

Grows to four metres tall and one and a half metres wide, and responds well to pruning to keep it to whatever height is desired. The root system is not overly aggressive. This is a great choice for a native hedge, as it responds brilliantly to pruning.

lilly pilly elite

It has fluffy flowers in the warm months, followed by red berries. Good in a sunny to part shaded position. Mulch well to cut down weed problems, and feed with a good all purpose fertiliser in warm months. Once you have found the plant that you want, the next step is to find where to get it.

Nurseries stock a good range of plants, but due to space and supplies, they may or may not have the wanted plant in stock. Below is a list of our favourite specialist nurseries. Click on the links for their details.

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Geelong Native Plants — Victoria. Wimmera Native Nursery — Victoria. Zanthorrea Nursery — Perth WA. Manuka Native Nursery — South Australia.

Sydney Wildflower Nursery — mail order. The Native Shop — mail order.Lilly pillies are evergreen rainforest plants with glossy green leaves. Many varieties have flushes of colourful new growth, ranging from brilliant pink to a red-brown. In spring to early summer most lilly pillies have fluffy white or greenish flowers followed by long lasting red, purple or whitish berries.

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There are many, many species and cultivars on the market. Of these, a few are misnamed, while some perform better than others in gardens. Once lilly pillies were all known as eugenias. In recent years botanists have divided them into several genera, including AcmenaSyzygium and Waterhousea.

Adding to the confusion, many growers have given lilly pillies marketing names. Sometimes the same plant will have several names. As well, some plants are sold under the wrong botanic name. Many lilly pillies for example are labelled Syzygium paniculatumbut are actually forms of S.

It is very important that these plants are correctly identified, particularly when they are used mainly as foliage plants, and the foliage of some species is very susceptible to attack by a pest called the lilly pilly psyllid.

The lilly pilly psyllid Trioza eugeniae is a tiny native insect related to cicadas. The immature psyllids or nymphs feed inside the leaves. They settle in one spot then embed themselves in the leaf, forming a lump or pimple. This is a disfiguring problem and the last thing you want to see on your stylish hedge or topiary.

Some lilly pillies are not worried by the pimple psyllid. The most resistant varieties are Acmena smithii and Syzygium luehmannii. Waterhousea floribunda is also susceptible. As the pest is inside the leaf, contact sprays are not effective. Control is usually gained with a systemic spray such as Confidor. All of the plants chosen should be resistant to, or rarely affected by, the lilly pilly psyllid.

Phone 02 Fax: 02 Email: wirreanda one. Skip to content Menu.Australia boasts over 60 different varieties of Lilly Pilly and all fruits appear edible.

They range from a small bush to a big tree and are well respected for their spectacular ornamental value and fast growth. Their root systems are generally non-invasive.

Their fruits vary quite markedly in taste, but all seem to be well suited to preserving as they are high in acid and set well in their own pectin. They can make a refreshing snack when eaten fresh. The trees make excellent screens, windbreaks, hedges, bird attractants or garden ornamentals.

All Lilly Pillies can be easily pruned to a required height lower than their normal final growing height. For more information on which plant is suitable for your location see our Plant Description. Skip to content Lilly Pilly Syzygium Trees. Grows to 5 metres high x 2.

Small to medium tree that is very adaptable to most conditions. Fruit is pink-red. Ideal for a larger screen or hedge.

lilly pilly elite

Plant I. Grows to 1. Can be shaped into any size or shape. Ideal for hedges, container planting, topiary or general garden planting. Makes a great specimen plant or a spectacular hedge. Grows to 3 metres high x 1. Excellent for screening or hedging. Foliage is deep olive green through to copper new growth. Grows to 5 metres high x 2 metres wide.

Best Lilly Pilly Varieties

Compact habit makes it ideal for a screen plant and can be shaped. Rounded leaf forms similar to Aussie Southern and foliage growth to the ground. White flowers in spring followed by masses of dark red oval fruits. Ideal as a screen. Handsome foliage varying in color from deep green through to orange new growth. Glossy sheen on leaves and foliage growth to the ground. Grows to 2 metres high x 1. Can be kept to 1 metre high.

Ideal for shaping into a dense hedge. A great container plant with a flush of orange new growth in winter. Can be shaped into any size. Glossy dark green leaves with new foliage tinted Bronze. Grows to 4 metres high x 1. Glossy, dark green leaves with new foliage tinted red.

Loves full sun. Ideal as a hedge or as an attractive container specimen.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. We now support online order requests with home delivery to support customers staying at home. Learn more. Lilly pillies are native Australian trees and shrubs, with smooth glossy leaves and a dense, bushy growth habit.

They are hardy and will grow happily in sun or shade and moist, well-drained soil. These features, along with the flushes of colour in new growth that most varieties display, make them a favourite for hedging and informal screening.


Acmena have more upright foliage and smaller leaves and Syzygium is sometimes troubled by psyllids. Psyllids are a pest that cause deformed new growth and create raised, pimply bumps on the leaves.

If you prefer the look of Syzygiums, there are psyllid-resistant varieties, and in most cases a healthy, happy plant is not likely to be bothered by them regardless. In the bush, lilly pillies can grow up to 30 metres tall — which is a little large for most suburban backyards!

It grows to just under a metre tall and about the same width, making it very low maintenance. Resilience is a psyllid-resistant Syzygium and grows to between two and three metres tall, the perfect height for most screens.

Aussie Boomer is a dense, fast-growing Syzygium that can grow up to three metres tall. The bright red new growth eventually turns glossy green. A taller-growing Syzygium is Bush Christmaswhich can reach up to six metres but can be maintained to one metre if pruned regularly. New foliage starts out orange before turning green. A great plant for screening, windbreaks, hedging and for pots. Cascade is a beautiful weeping Syzygium that can grow up three metres tall.

Acmena Cherry Surprise is a hardy and dense shrub with brilliant cherry-coloured new growth that matures to a glossy green. It can reach up to 3 metres in height and responds well to pruning in spring and summer. Looking for more hedging options?

For more lilly pilly varieties and advice on what will best suit your needs, drop into your local Flower Power for a chat with one of our horticulturists. Visit your local store page to check Landscape Centre hours.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

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Photos are NOT of current stock and is displayed only for illustration purposes as a representation of the variety. Pottery may be available for pick up from Carabooda or Forrestdale, but stock is not transferrable.

Syzygium australe ‘Resilience’

If you are purchasing pottery as part of your order w e will be in touch after you complete your order to confirm stock availability and pick up location.

Shop Plants. Back to Products. Share this product Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Not Available. Specifications Commonly known as Lilly Pilly, Syzygium are one of the most popular Australian native plants.

Lilly Pillies are evergreen rainforest plants with glossy, deep green leaves. Many varieties have flushes of colourful new growth, ranging from bright pinks, to red and browns. This particular variety, Elegance, is a medium sized shrub with red-bronze new growth.

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During Spring, masses of fluffy white flowers are borne, followed by edible purple berries. Elegance is ideal for hedging, screening and topiary and can be grown in containers. Plant in a warm area, protected from frost and well drained soil. Being native, this variety is well accustomed to Australia's diverse climate and soil conditions and once established will tolerate coastal and drought conditions. Water well until established and during extended hot periods. Prune to shape to encourage dense growth habit.

Syzygium Elegance can grow to a height and width of 3 metres. Other people also bought: Find out more. In stock Add to Wishlist. Find out more. Sign up below for updates on everything Benara. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram. Please login.Syzygium Australe — Lilly Pilly is a native Australian plant that adds wonderful charms to your garden. Online Plants has an extensive range of all new release and old-fashioned varieties of Lilly Pilly.

With us, you can choose from a wide array of Lilly Pilly plant varieties that include hedge, dwarf and standard varieties as well as fruit trees. Where They Can Be Planted? Lilly Pillies are versatile plants that they can be used for screening and hedging purposes.

These plants are best to be planted around pool areas or suburban backyards. They can also be planted into pots and containers in balcony planting areas or courtyards.

Lilly Pillies require only a little maintenance once they are established.

lilly pilly elite

The new plants should be watered well, especially during the first summer. Regular mulching is needed to render a cool moist root run. With periodic pruning, you can keep the plant bushy and dense. More Facts:. The fruits of Lilly Pilly plant varieties are edible.

They are used to make jellies, jams and sauces as well as in baked foods and fruit tarts. Their taste profiles differ with the species, but probably it mimics an apple in both texture and taste.

Produces white fl. A light easily shaped hedge along pathways or in narrow beds; in containers for patio or balcony.

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Evergreen large shrub that grows to approx meters. Fantastic fast growing screening plant. Lilly pilly 'Obelisk' is a new form of Syzygium highly recommended by online plantsIt is a narrow fo.

This is a very compact, small left, Lilly pilly featuring a red flush. Syzygium Australe Lilly Pilly ; Australian native tree grown for colorful new growth, beautiful flow. Lilly Pilly Bush Christmas is ideal for shaping or a dense hedge. Can be kept pruned to a height of. A compact and smaller growing form of Lilly Pilly growing to 3m. A great hedging hybrid with gorgeou. More Facts: The fruits of Lilly Pilly plant varieties are edible. Product Compare 0.

Show: 15 25 50 75 Add to Cart. Acmena smithii Forest Flame Lilly Pilly A light easily shaped hedge along pathways or in narrow beds; in containers for patio or balcony. Acmena Smithii, Lilly Pilly Evergreen large shrub that grows to approx meters. Syzygium australe Obelisk lilly pilly Lilly pilly 'Obelisk' is a new form of Syzygium highly recommended by online plantsIt is a narrow fo.

Syzygium australe, lilly pilly Syzygium Australe Lilly Pilly ; Australian native tree grown for colorful new growth, beautiful flow.

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